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All the legal (but important) stuff:

This privacy and disclosure policy has been provided for you by Mind Over Mango in regards to regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission of America (FTC) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Below each article, a disclosure policy will state the following phrase or a similar phrasing if it is relevant to any content presented within the article itself: “This blog post is in partnership with [insert brand]. All sponsored content in association with Mind Over Mango is truthful and unforced. Some links associated on this site include affiliate links. Affiliate links are those that receive a small percentage of commission to help run Mind Over Mango. Disclosure of sponsored content and affiliate links are required by law according to the FTC for all partnerships.”

Personal Policies:

All content represented on this website are solely based on my own opinions and are not influenced in any way by other companies. I will only work with brands whose products I believe are high quality. I refuse to work with companies who create products that are not effective, tested on or harm animals in any way, or have a poor company culture or customer service. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to me, and I will refuse or terminate a partnership with any company who violates one or more of these policies.

How your information is collected:

Your privacy is important to me on any site created or used by Mind Over Mango. Personal information such as names and email addresses are collected voluntarily unless otherwise stated. This site uses cookies. These cookies allow Mind Over Mango to distinguish you from other users on the website, which helps me to provide you with a good experience when you browse my website and also allows me to improve the site as well. If any information is shared voluntarily, cookies will collect that information so that Mind Over Mango can recognize your return upon the site when inputting any information you have previously (i.e. writing a blog post comment that you previously allowed to remember your email address). Email addresses and any other possible sensitive information are always kept confidential. Your information is always protected and will never be shared or sold to any third parties.

Definitions of content found on this website:

  • Partnership: An agreement between Mind Over Mango (Influencer) and a brand that has been created based on an exchange of monetary value of a physical item(s) for services on behalf of the Influencer on the website and in any third party apps.
  • Sponsored: An agreement between the Influencer and a brand that has been created based on a financial exchange for services provided on the website and in any third party apps. Sponsored content most often consists of “partnered” content as well.
  • Affiliate Links: Affiliate Links are links to products that which, when clicked on, can receive a small percentage of commission to help support the costs of Mind Over Mango. Affiliate links expire within a certain time frame, usually 30 days, and can only gain commission if a product or service is purchased by the consumer from directly clicking or revisiting the link within that span of time.

*All partnered, sponsored, and affiliated content in direct association with Mind Over Mango enters an approval process by me before agreeing to work with any said partnered or sponsored opportunities. Any content that does not adhere to my Personal Policies and/or is unfit with my target audience will be appreciated but politely declined.

Use of Advertising:

Various advertisements can be found on the Mind Over Mango website from a variety of different brands whose content is relevant to the content presented on this website. Clicking on advertisements may create a small percentage of commission to help support Mind Over Mango. Advertisements found on this website are specifically chosen by Mind Over Mango and are not based on any previous internet searches users may have made online outside of this website.

For any further questions regarding this Privacy and Disclosure Policy, please feel free to reach out to me via my Contact Form on this website to get in touch.

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