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Pixi Vegan Products List

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Pixi Vegan Product List

Welcome to the most comprehensive Pixi vegan product list! Pixi is a cruelty-free beauty company that sells makeup and skincare products. Although Pixi is cruelty-free, they are not 100% vegan. The rise in popularity of this company has left many consumers curious about which Pixi products are vegan. Every single product on this list has been individually researched to ensure its vegan status. We have also contacted Pixi Beauty to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and up-to-date.

How to Use This List

There are two Pixi vegan product lists available: one for makeup and the other for skincare. Each list is alphabetized. If you are searching for a specific type of product, then utilize the search bar. You can search for any keywords relating to the products you are seeking. Whether you are looking for liquid lipsticks or exfoliating face masks, we’ve got you covered.

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Need a quick reference? Click either of the below options to jump down to that list. Be sure to scroll back up for important information regarding Pixi’s vegan products.

Where to Buy Pixi

Pixi is sold at many online and in-store retailers. Our lists include the top preferred vendors. Simply click your preferred vendor when browsing the lists.

Pixi Beauty products can be found at Skinstore, Dermstore, Walmart, Ulta, Kohl’s, Walgreens, and Target. As of May 2020, Pixi is not sold online in Sephora US. However, Pixi is available for purchase at various international Sephora shops.


We recognize that formulations change and new products are released every year. We are committed to continuing to auditΒ this list every six months. With that said, we encourage our readers to conduct their own research as well. If you know of a Pixi product that is no longer vegan, or a new product that has been released and is not included on this list, then please contact us. We will then research and add/change the product status as needed.

Pixi Vegan List Banner Makeup

Pixi Vegan Makeup

Below you will find the Pixi vegan product list for cosmetics. This list includes eyes, brows, cheeks, face, and lip products. It also includes Pixi’s vegan makeup brushes, vegan makeup removers, and all other vegan makeup from Pixi. On mobile and tablet devices, tap the + to view the full details.Β 

Product NameCategoryShop
Sheer Cheek GelΒ (All Shades)Face - Blush (Liquid)Pixi Beauty | Dermstore
Strobe & Sculpt PaletteFace - Blush | Bronzer | HighlighterPixi Beauty
Beauty Blush Duo (All Shades)Face - Blush | HighlighterPixi Beauty
Beauty Bronzer (All Shades)Face - Bronzer (Powder)Pixi Beauty | Skinstore
Glow-y Powder (All Shades)Face - Blush | Bronzer | HighlighterPixi Beauty |Β ULTA
Quick Fix BronzerFace - BronzerNo Longer in Production
Strobe & Bronze PaletteFace - Bronzer | HighlighterPixi Beauty
Cat Eye InkEyes - Liner (Liquid)Pixi Beauty
Endless Silky Eye Pen (All Shades)Eyes - LinerPixi Beauty | ULTA | Skinstore
Eye Zone BrightenerEyes - Highlighter (Liquid)Pixi Beauty
ItsEyeTime PaletteEyes - EyeshadowLimited Edition | No Longer in Production
Liquid Fairy Lights (All Shades)Eyes - Eyeshadow (Liquid)Pixi Beauty | ULTA
Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes (All Shades)Eyes - EyeshadowPixi Beauty
Large Lash MascaraEyes - MascaraPixi Beauty | ULTA | Dermstore
Lash Booster MascaraEyes - MascaraPixi Beauty | Dermstore
Lash Line Ink (All Shades)Eyes - Liner (Liquid)Pixi Beauty | Skinstore
Natural Brow Duo (All Shades)Eyebrows - PencilPixi Beauty
Brow Powder PaletteEyebrows - PowderPixi Beauty
Endless Brow Gel Pen (All Shades)Eyebrows - PencilPixi Beauty
Brow TamerEyebrows - GelPixi Beauty
Cheek BrushBrush - FacePixi Beauty
Cat Liner BrushBrush - EyesPixi Beauty
Lip BrushBrush - LipsPixi Beauty
Cream Base BrushBrush - FacePixi Beauty
Flat Liner BrushBrush - EyesPixi Beauty
Full Coverage Foundation BrushBrush - FacePixi Beauty
Strobe & Sculpt Brush DuoBrush - FaceLimited Edition | No Longer in Production
Color Correcting Powder Foundation (All Shades)Face - Foundation (Powder)Pixi Beauty
Flawless Beauty FoundationFace - Foundation (Liquid)No Longer in Production
Flawless Finishing PowderFace - Foundation (Powder)Pixi Beauty
Flawless Vitamin Veil (All Shades)Face - Foundation (Powder)Pixi Beauty
Quick Fix PowderFace - Translucent PowderPixi Beauty
Flawless & Poreless PrimerFace - PrimerPixi Beauty | Dermstore | Skinstore
Redness Reducing PrimerFace - PrimerNo Longer in Production

Glow-y Gossamer Duos

Face - Highlighter (Powder)Pixi Beauty
H2O SkintintFace - Tinted MoisturizerPixi Beauty | Dermstore
Pat Away Concealing BaseFace - ConcealerPixi Beauty
Lip Contour LinerLips - LinerPixi Beauty
Lip Icing Lip Gloss (All Shades)Lips - GlossPixi Beauty | ULTA
MatteLast Liquid LipLips - Lipstick (Liquid)Pixi Beauty
Mattelustre Liquid LipLips - Lipstick (Liquid)Pixi Beauty
Tinted Brilliance BalmLips - Balm/ChapstickPixi Beauty
Makeup Fixing MistFace - MistPixi Beauty | ULTA | Dermstore
NaturelleLipLips - LipstickPixi Beauty
Endless Shade StickEyes - Primer | ShadowPixi Beauty
Eye Define WaterlineEyes - LinerPixi Beauty
Eye Reflections PaletteEyes - EyeshadowPixi Beauty
Glittery Eye QuadEyes - EyeshadowPixi Beauty
Hello Beautiful Face Case PaletteFace | EyesPixi Beauty
Pixi Vegan List Banner Skincare

Pixi Vegan Skincare

Below you will find the Pixi vegan product list for skincare. This list includes makeup removers, cleansers, toners, exfoliators, serums, oils. masks, moisturizers, and more. On mobile and tablet devices, tap the + to view the full details.Β 

Product NameCategoryShop
Rose Caviar EssenceΒ SerumPixi Beauty | Skinstore
Rose Flash BalmMaskPixi Beauty | Skinstore |
Body Glow MistMistPixi Beauty
Collagen & Retinol SerumSerumPixi Beauty
Collagen Eye SerumSerumPixi Beauty

DetoxifEYE Treatment

Mask - Eye PatchesPixi Beauty | ULTA
GLOW Glycolic BoostMask - SheetPixi Beauty
Glow Tonic Cleansing GelCleanserPixi Beauty
Glow Tonic SerumSerumPixi Beauty | ULTA
Glow Tonic To-GoToner - PadsPixi Beauty | Dermstore |Β Skinstore
In-Shower Steam FacialCleanser | MaskPixi Beauty

pHenomenal Gel

Moisturizer | TonerPixi Beauty | ULTA
Rose Body BalmMoisturizerPixi Beauty
Rose Body PolishExfoliator | MaskPixi Beauty
Rose Body CleanserCleanserPixi Beauty
Vitamin C SerumSerum

Pixi Beauty | ULTA

Beauty Sleep CreamMoisturizerPixi Beauty
Double CleanseCleanserPixi Beauty | Dermstore | Skinstore
Glow Mud CleanserCleanserPixi Beauty | ULTA | Dermstore | Skinstore
Glow Mud MaskMaskPixi Beauty | Dermstore
Glow Peel PadsExfoliator | Acne - PadsPixi Beauty | Dermstore | Skinstore
Glow TonicTonerPixi Beauty | ULTA | Dermstore | Skinstore
Glowtion Day DewMoisturizerPixi Beauty | Skinstore
H2O SkindrinkMoisturizerPixi Beauty | Skinstore
Hydrating Milky LotionMoisturizerPixi Beauty
Hydrating Milky TonicTonerPixi Beauty
Hydrating Milky SerumSerumPixi Beauty | Dermstore
Jasmine Oil BlendSerumPixi Beauty
Overnight Glow SerumSerumPixi Beauty
Rose Oil BlendSerumPixi Beauty | ULTA | Dermstore | Skinstore
Rose TonicTonerPixi Beauty | ULTA
Vitamin C TonicTonerPixi Beauty | ULTA
Makeup Melting Cleansing ClothsMakeup Remover - WipesPixi Beauty | Skinstore
Moisturizing Cleansing ClothsCleanser | Makeup Remover - WipesPixi Beauty
Nourishing Cleansing BalmCleanserNo Longer in Production

Nourishing Sleep Mask

MaskPixi Beauty
Peel & PolishExfoliator | MaskPixi Beauty | Dermstore
Retinol TonicTonerPixi Beauty | ULTA

Additional Information

Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Collection

Last Updated: May 2020

Mind Over Mango received a PR package of the Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection, which claimed on the packaging to be 100% vegan. After researching every single product’s ingredients, we discovered twoΒ ingredients that are not vegan and have no overlap with vegan sources. Often times ingredients can be derived from either plants or animals. The two ingredients in question have no plant sources.

According to the current ingredients list on the official Pixi website, several of the Pixi Hydrating Milky Collection products contain either Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans or Bifida Ferment Lysate.

We reached out to Pixi directly to ask about their vegan claim and received this response:

Thank you for your email. I've double-checked with the PD team and am happy to share that Pixi uses the latest ingredients and formulations. This allows us to source new innovative ingredients that are derived from botanicals, which in the past may not have been available as a vegan option.

There is the possibility that since first developing and selling these products that Pixi has changed its formulations. However, we are basing our findings off of the current ingredient lists on their website.

The Pixi Hydrating Milky products with these listed ingredients are as follows: Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover, Hydrating Milky Cleanser, Hydrating Milky Peel, and the Hydrating Milky Mist.

Incorrect Information Online

There are various Pixi vegan product lists available online. Several of these lists contain incorrect product information. Some of these lists also do not state where they obtained their information. On Mind Over Mango, we have thoroughly researched every product’s ingredients, one-by-one.

Here are the Pixi products labeled incorrectly vegan on multiple websites: Extra Eye Bright, Lower Lash Mascara (also included in Eye Accents Kit), Vitamin-C Caviar Balm, Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser, and Vitamin-C Lotion.

The following products are in the red zone. Meaning, they are most likely not vegan. Therefore, they are not included in our lists: PixiGlow Cake, 24K Eye Elixir, andΒ On-The-Glow.

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