This Week’s Update (6.26.19)

Hello to all of my tangy friends! I’ve just released my latest blog article featuring the clean beauty and cosmetics company known as Seraphine Botanicals. There you wil find reviews of various products I tried and how I wore them! There is also a Pomo Code SERAPHINESARA available to all of my readers to receive a free ($24 value) mascara from Seraphine Botanicals. Learn more about this vegan and cruelty-free company HERE.

I’ve been SUPER active on Instagram lately (well, active by my standards, at least) and would love for anyone to come check it out and join me there. You can view more and follow my Instagram HERE.

I am traveling internationally for the very first time in July! I will be making a “what’s in my luggage bag” blog article, along with a “what’s in my travel skincare bag”. Be expecting many photos and articles about my travels from my trip to the Azores upon my return (and some awesome footage, too!)ย 

In the meantime, don’t forget to browse the site for past articles you may have missed, and to follow me on Instagram, where I am posting a lot of product reviews too!

More to come on the way. ๐Ÿ”ฎ Stay tuned! – xoxo Sara

How Toxic is Your Makeup? Meet Seraphine Botanicals: Nutritious, Vegan, and Skin-Loving Cosmetics

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Pixi Beauty #skintreats: Love the skin you’re in

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Alder New York Breaks Boundaries in “Genderless” Beauty

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Best Cruelty-Free Clean Health + Beauty Oils for 2019 (Giveaway + Coupon Codes Inside!)

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Remilia Hair Cosmocap: A Plant-based Daily Hair Serum (How I Used it When Bleaching)

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Clean Beauty: How Midori Family Products Revitalized My Skin (Discount Code Inside!)

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