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Bringing Back Embroidery

Plymouth MA Summer Waterfront

Embroidery, embroidery, embroidery!

Hello again my friends! Welcome back to another blog post here at Mind Over Mango. I’ll be your host today, bringing you a fun outfit I quickly threw together last second (as usual). Today we will be talking about my vintage Kathy Che Peter Pan blouse, which features an elegant detail of embroidery that I’m currently obsessed with. 💙 I’ll also talk about how I decided to style it with a few new pieces I recently picked up, along with a little DIY accessory that I created as well.

First off, I think we have established at this point that I LOVE vintage clothing. The thought of owning a preloved item that is in great condition is just awesome. In today’s world, “reduce, reuse, recycle” should be a motto we all live by. Of course, buying or having new clothing is still okay. 👚 What’s important is that you make sure that the new pieces you own are ones you will love for a very long time, and are made of good quality materials that will last! One reason this is so important is because the best kind of donated clothing are the ones that have stood the test of time. Eventually you may decide to donate some of your wardrobe, and someone else would be happy to find a beautifully aged item, just like I was when I stumbled across my new blouse I purchased for $3.99 at the thrift store! 😍

This blouse dates back to the 1980’s, one of my favorite vintage eras of clothing. Surprisingly, the 80’s had a lot of different fashion trends. People tend to associate them only with bright colors and crazy patterns, but really that is only a fraction of what an entire decade’s fashion had held! 💁‍♀️ The 1980’s saw a phase of delicate pieces that seem to have been buried with time. 2018 has been slowly adopting the born-again trend of bringing back embroidery. Cooped with a rebirth of statement collars, digging through your local thrift store racks can prove to be trendy and well worth it! 🎀

So why should you hop on this embroidery trend in 2018? On one note, embroidery has been an age old art dating back from the 5th – 3rd century BC. Even the Ancient Greeks credit the Goddess Athena for bestowing the art of embroidery, and even weaving, another fiber art as well. So basically, it’s so old that it’s cool. Who doesn’t like wearing some form of history on their clothing? Also, embroidery has been a very undervalued art form, and has not been given the rightful attention it deserves. By sporting embroidery anything, you’re bringing light to an artform that has been underappreciate. It wants attention and it wants it now (and so do you)!

As you will see, an oversized and floppy Peter Pan collar takes the stage, with an intricate cut in fabric as well. The twists and turns that the cuts and embroidery create really set this piece apart from your typical white collared blouse. It is finished off with faux pearl beaded details that carefully line the edges, making it an extremely elegant blouse that can be played up or down. I would say it was definitely a successful find of mine! Since it is vintage, I linked below examples of how you can similarly recreate this blouse on a budget. 💸

As many of you know, aside from my obsession with vintage clothing, my other obsession is COLOR BLOCKING. I can’t get enough of it. So when I brought this dainty white blouse home, I knew it needed that real POP of color to make it my own. I decided that pairing it with my hot pink trousers by Adrianna Papell would easily make a bold statement, without going overboard (let’s face it though, I love going overboard). The material has a wonderful stretch, one of my favorite qualities in my never ending search for skinny jeans! 👖

Now, time for accessories! I threw on my Mix No. 6 mint green heels, along with my cute DIY grey faux fur puffs that I clipped onto each heel. 👡 I will make a blog post about how I made these (which by the way, it cost near to nothing to create). I find that adding a puff detail is flirty and fun; it can completely transform a pair of shoes within seconds!

Finally, I slung a preppy tartan checkered crossbody over my shoulder to finish off the look. I had bought this purse on Martha’s Vineyard one day, and finally put it to good use!

So that about wraps up this week’s #OOTD! Thanks for joining me as always and for checking out my blog. I can’t wait to show you what’s next on the agenda! Until next time, my friends…

xoxo Sara

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ASOS White Collar Blouse
Detachable Embroidered Collar
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ASOS White Collar Blouse
Detachable Embroidered Collar
Adrianna Papell Trousers
Mint Green Pumps
Arctic Fox Virgin Pink
Arctic Fox Aquamarine
ASOS White Collar Blouse
Detachable Embroidered Collar
Adrianna Papell Trousers
Mint Green Pumps
Arctic Fox Virgin Pink
Arctic Fox Aquamarine

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  1. Katie
    July 3, 2018 / 3:11 pm

    Oh I love this blouse! I’ve got lucky too at my local thrift. 💰 I agree about the point of making sure your new clothes are good quality. I personally have a hard time letting go of anything! 😂 But when I do I want it to be in good condition for the next. Lovely post! x

    • July 3, 2018 / 4:32 pm

      Thanks love! It’s definitely one of my favorites. I know what you mean! I recently let go of quite a few things to make room for new wardrobe, and everything was luckily still is great shape. I like offering it to friends first and then donating what’s left! 😃 Thank you for your comment, Katie!

  2. Ashlee Morgan
    July 6, 2018 / 10:42 pm

    Do you have any vintage brands that are your favorite? If so could you make a blog post about them someday? I’d love to know. 😃 I like the color contrasts btw!

    • July 8, 2018 / 8:54 am

      Hi Ashlee! Thanks for asking and for your comment. I actually do! Much of my vintage wardrobe is from a lot of completely different brands; it can be hard to find pieces from the same company sometimes. However, there are a few that I have collected from the same designer, and I can definitely write about this in a blog piece someday! I love the idea. Thank you! P.S. I’m glad you enjoy the color combos as well. 😉

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