New Hair, Who Dis?

Hey everyone! So it has been a really long time since I last wrote a blog post. I’ve been a little slow on posting newer content on my Instagram too until recent, however I am very active on the Instagram stories, so that’s something, right?!


Anyway, the reason I had been so MIA is because I am in Graduate school full time. I’ll save that for another blog post explaining more about my schooling, where I go, what I major in, blah blah blah (I promise, I will make it interesting).

This post however is about my newest hair colors, which I am very excited to have done! As you can clearly see, my hair is half blue, half magenta. I did this combination back in Fall of 2014, long before my Mind Over Mango days. I have been itching to do it ever since, so this is a very exciting time for me!

The Process: So, someday I will have to do a step-by-step guide on how I take care of my hair, from the bleaching process to the dying. I have yet to do something like this, mostly because I am not really a professional over here. I have managed to learn how to do this on my own (with the help of some YouTube videos years ago), so I can do it pretty well at this point. However, again, this is not my profession. Thus, the way I do it might seem crazy to those who do it for a living. I claim nothing here, people. Just that I have learned to make it work for me.

However, as a quick run down, I of course needed to start by bleaching my hair. Since my hair was still a very vibrant orange from back when I first dyed it in November, I saw that it might not be the easiest task, since clearly, the color did not want to budge or wash out anymore. However, it wasn’t that bad. Think of it this way: the goal is to get to blonde. Orange is a step away from yellow, which is a step (or half a step) to the blonde color I needed to achieve. I did need to bleach my hair twice, however I used a low bleach volume of 20, both times. Therefore, the damage was minimal!

Selfie during a photoshoot the next day!

I then needed to divide my hair into two sections, and mix my colors. I used Arctic Fox Aqua Marine and Virgin Pink. With the Virgin Pink, I mixed a drop of the Aqua Marine to give it a more magenta color, since I was not looking to go bubblegum pink over here. I then mixed this new concoction with Renpure Conditioner, to help dilute the product and make it a lighter color, as well as to add some much needed revival back into my hair. Renpure products are great because they have no sodium chloride, sulfates, dyes, harsh salts, or parabens, are gluten rich in vitamin E, and of course are safe for color treated hair!

To finish off the process, I then divided my hair into two, “painted” on my dyes, and voila! Half and half hair!

I hope you enjoyed this article! I will make more hair blogs in the future, revealing some of my other favorite products, tips, tricks, and secrets to keeping dyed hair healthy long term!

xoxo Sara

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