New Autumn Hair

So it was that time again:

hair dying day.

I’ve gone through all kinds of different hair colors over the past few years. Naturally, I’m a Brunette. What I would consider a chestnut brown, I had natural highlights of red and blonde mixed in with my hair. The decision to bleach it wasn’t exactly a hard one. As much as I loved my Brunette hair, I had been wanting to get colorful for years.

I will have to write an article on my hairformation – a.k.a., my hair transformation, over the past three years. It is a long and crazy road, with excitement at every turn. Today though, I’ll just touch base on my current hair change.


This is the first time that I have ever dyed my hair orange! I had been hesitant for a long time about it too. To be honest, I absolutely love the color orange. It is definitely one of my favorite colors. However, I wasn’t so confident I wanted it all over my head. I wasn’t sure it would be unique enough to me. That doesn’t go to say it isn’t unique on other people, because hello! Of course it is! To me however, I wasn’t so sure it would really make me feel like myself.

I’ve tried many different colors and combinations in the past, ranging from blues, pinks, purples, greens, magentas, pastels. You name it, and there’s a good chance I have done it. Originally, I was going to return to one of my very favorites: my half and half hair. I was pretty dead set on it too, but there was a sudden bug in me that told me to try something brand new. After seeing a few insta ladies with orange hair from my new favorite vegan brand, Arctic Fox, I ordered the color and it arrived at my doorstep two days later (thank you Amazon prime!)

To answer the question I get the most: yes, I do it all myself. However, this time around, I asked my brother’s girlfriend to help with the bleaching process. She is studying to be a hairdresser, and it seemed like a good opportunity for us to help each other out. Admittedly, I HATE bleaching. It’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing, because I do (and by this point, would hope I would know anyway), but that its a long and tedious process, and is much harder to do on yourself than on someone else. So thank you to Elise for the help this time around!

As far as the dye, I did do it myself. 99% of the time, there is no one else helping me with bleach or dye. The remaining 1% is when I ask my mother to help with the hard to reach spots (thanks Mom! This article is clearly just a thank you to everyone and everything).


To achieve this color, I used Arctic Fox’s Porange and Sunset Orange together. You can buy them here and here. I always use the 8 oz bottles, because surprisingly even with short hair, it just about makes it. If there’s any leftover, even better!

So, that’s a quick recap on my new do! By the way, I also got a hair cut as well (compliments of Elise there, too).  I’m totally in love with it, and plan on keeping it for a while. However, more colors to come in the future…

Until next time!

xoxo Sara

P.S. Check out below how my new hair looks different based on lighting conditions! Very cool. 😉


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