Comfy Fall Nudes for the Office


Being my first Outfit of the Day post on my website, I knew that I would need to wear one of my favorites. I’ve recently become a little (okay – a LOT) obsessed with nudes; it’s at the point of no return! I like dressing up any chance I get, and nudes are the perfect way to be chic and professional.

I’m a work from home gal, so most days I’m dressed pretty comfy (hello sweatpants!). However, if I ever need to go out for a meeting, or even a few drinks with friends, this is one of my go-to outfits! Being an evolving 20-something, I’ve grown tired of most of the things I used to wear. This outfit is head-to-toe the perfect “grown up” look that can be worn to the office during the daytime (if you’re not a work from home gal that is) or out at night for some adult fun.

Everything about it creates that sleek, soft, pretty look. It can work just as well in the Fall as it would is Spring or Summer (another perk of nudes!). Not to mention that it styles perfectly with any accessory, such as my freshwater pearl necklace (that I made myself, yes, you read that right) and my Bebe handbag I toted around for the afternoon. I clipped pom poms onto my Bebe purse to add that bit of oomph to tie it all together. Plus, pom poms are an amazing accessory to any handbag, and in this case they matched my hair as well. 😉

I couldn’t go anywhere without my new favorite books either, as you’ll see me holding one in a few pictures. The book I am holding is my new engraved faux leather bound Aesop’s Fables book. Check out the rest of the images below with some links of where to get things for your own wardrobe!

xo Sara

Photography by Cassio Vieira


Top: Calvin Klein

Jacket: Rue 21

Pants: Ellen Tracy (similar here)

Heels: Steve Madden (here)

Handbag: Bebe (similar here)

Pom Poms (on handbag): Under One Sky (similar ones here and here)

Pearl Necklace: by Sara Kelley (I made it myself! I’m a Jewelry Designer)

Hair Dyes: Arctic Fox Aqua Marine (here) and Virgin Pink (here)



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